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X7-R Super Pocket Bike 110cc

SALE PRICE: $1199.00   91.00 S&H
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X7-R Super Pocket Bike
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Introducing the new X7 Super Pocket Bike

We are excited to announce the 2016 X7-R Super Pocket Bike. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bigger, faster beast than regular pocket bikes. Our model retains the fairing design and features of the old two-stroke X-7 that hasn't been available for years, but adds the popular four stroke engine found in its cousins, the X18-R Nitro and X19-R Fighter super bikes. The frame has been re-engineered to handle the higher torque and top speeds that the new engine provides, ensuring a durable, long-lasting design that, properly maintained, will win races for years.

The X7-R has all the features and options of the best super pocketbikes ever produced, bringing this model closer to a full sized motorcycle than ever before! The X7-R includes a full lighting system, with dual front headlights, rear brake lights, and turn signals on the front and rear. An alternator keeps the electrical system charged, so the keyed electric starter is ready to leap into action at a moment's notice. No charging is requred. The X7-R comes with an in-dash guage system so you can always tell how fast you're going, and hydraulically actuated copper bonded brake pads with cross-drilled slotted discs give you responsive and accurate control.

X7-R 110cc Super Bike
List Price: $999.00
Sale Price: $1199.00
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This super pocket bike comes fully assembled and ready to roll; all you need to do is put in the gas and oil. There are many options available for increasing performance to boost torque and attain speeds in excess of 70+ MPH. The popular four-stroke engine configuration allows you to take advantage of a huge catalogue of upgrades available for this motor. There are both simple and in-depth upgrades you can take advantage of — truly a hobbyist's dream! The X7-R is an incredibly flexible platform, allowing you to adjust and customize the bike to fit your individual racing needs.

Technical Specifications

Engine: 110cc Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air Cooled
Maximum Speed: Up to 70+ mph w/ Performance Parts
Ignition: CDI, Ultra High Discharge Coil
Starter: Electric Key Start
Maximum Power: 15.5 Horse Power
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual or Automatic
Brakes: Hydraulic Cross-Drilled Disc Brakes
Tires: Pneumatic High Traction Treaded
Gas Tank: 2 Liters
Fuel/Oil: Unleaded Gas / 20W40 Oil, no mixing required
Cruising Range: 45 Miles Per Tank
Exhaust: Dual Python Race Exhaust System
Wt. Capacity: 375 lbs
Dimensions: Net: 115lbs, Gross: 125lbs, 57"L x 26"W 30"H
Parts Availability:
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Larger, Faster, Stronger

Anyone from younger riders to heavy adults up to 375 lbs can fit on this super pocket bike. It is more comfortable to ride, and more conducive to endurance races and rides than the smaller bikes like the GP MX3 Pocketbike, GP MTX Pocketbike, or the GP RS-R Mini Bike. Of course, check with your event organizer as the X7 will not fall under the mini moto racing class.

Each X7-R Super Pocket Bike comes with the standard USA Pocket Bikes warranty that includes free lifetime customer service at our toll free hotline by calling 888-720-2453. All parts are warrantied against shipping damage or defects for 30 days from receipt, and extended warranties are available.

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We road test each model, so you can be sure that we're as excited about it as you are. Quality affordable pocket bikes, delivered quickly, and with unmatched, quality service you can count on to keep your pocket bike running strong for many years. We will do whatever it takes to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and address all questions and concerns in a prompt, effecticve, and courteous manner. Each represantative that answers our phone is qualified to answer any question and resolve any issue you may have. Call us and experience the difference today!

For Racing Purposes Only on private property, closed course, and/or tracks. Please wear safety equipent, including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and appropriate footwear at all times. Minors operating this product must be supervised at all times! Please obey your local laws and regulations.