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Warranty Policy
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If something breaks on my bike, what does the Free 30-Day Warranty cover?
Don't worry. When you buy a pocket bike from us you are automatically covered with a full engine warranty for 30 days. This warranty covers every piece of the bike relating to the engine for full replacement and assistance. This is to ensure that you can always get your bike started and begin having fun. In order to claim your warranty parts, submit our warranty form and give us 3-5 days to process it. After processing, we will ship replacement parts directly to your door and are always avaiable to assist you with phone support to install them and get your bike back to top working condition as soon as possible.
What are the different Paid Warranty options available?
Our 60 and 90 day warranties offer full coverage of every part on the bike against damage and wear. Purchasing one of these two warranty options will mean any replacement parts up to but not including the entire Pocket Bike will be shipped to your door free of extra charges.
What can I do if my bike arrives damaged?
In the rare event that this happens we will replace the damaged part at no additional cost and handle the UPS insurance claims process for you. Please call customer service and fill out the warranty form. Please Note: USA Pocket Bikes takes special precautions during shipping and handling including double boxing and taking out full insurance to avoid damage as much as possible.
Are these Pocket Bikes ready to Ride? What about maintenance?
All of our Pocket Bikes ship 95% ready to ride. Adjust the handlebars and attach the foot pegs with the included tool kit and you are done. That being said, all of our gas powered pocket bikes are hobby vehicles that will require some basic maintenance over their operating life that will not be covered by our warranty. If you do not feel comfortable with using gasoline and tightening a few screws then we highly recommend our easy to use Razor Pocket Rocket 200 and Razor PR 707 Electric Pocket Bike.
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