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1.1 Payment methods:

PHONE & INTERNET ORDERS. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover over the phone and internet. Bank debit cards are also accepted. For your security, if your card's billing address is different from the shipping address, we may need additional verification before processing your order.

MAIL ORDERS. To pay by check or money order, select "Check or Money Order" as your payment method. You will be provided with an order number. Please write the order number provided in the "memo" field of the check and mail to:

PO Box 947
AZUSA, CA 91702

Please make checks payable to: USA POCKET BIKES.

All checks must be in USD denominations. Orders paid for by money orders or cashier's checks will be processed within 1 to 2 business days. Personal check payments will be held for ten (10) business days for fund verification. Any checks with payable amounts larger than the order total will not be honored and returned to sender.

1.2 Alternate color selections: Some of our products require that you specify a secondary color choice in case your primary color choice is not available. If you specify an alternate color, and your primary color selection is not in stock at the time the order is processed, we will send you your secondary color choice. You may choose the same color for your secondary choice as your primary choice. If you do so, and the color is not available, a customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours to give you the option of choosing a different color or canceling your order to receive a full refund.

1.3 Phone number provision: We request that you provide your valid phone number where you can be reached for all orders. This provision is in place to facilitate delivery of merchandise, in case the shipment carrier needs to reach you to schedule delivery or verify the delivery address. If the aggregate weight of your order exceeds 150 lbs, or if your sales agent has indicated that your order will be shipped via a freight company, a valid phone number is required for delivery. If the number you provide is incorrect, disconnected, always busy during regular business hours, or in other ways unreachable, the freight company will not be able to schedule a delivery appointment, and will not deliver the merchandise to you. If this occurs, you agree to be liable for any storage fees, and, in the case of product return to us due to non-delivery, shipping costs both to and from you. In some instances, these costs may be higher than our advertised promotional shipping costs. Upon request, we will provide you with proof of our incurred shipping costs on the canceled merchandise.

1.3 Time to delivery: All successfully placed phone and internet credit card orders are usually shipped within 24-48 business hours. Your card will be authorized at the time you place your order, and charged at the time your order is shipped and tracking number is generated. Typical transit times are 2-5 business days for FedEx ground and 3-6 business days for continental freight (packages weighing over 150 lbs). During holiday seasons, transit time may be an additional 3-5 business days. You may not cancel or refuse your order due to reasonably extended transit schedules.

1.4 All sales are final: If your order has already shipped, and you received the correct merchandise you ordered, you will not be able to return the merchandise, with the exception of shipping damage caused by the carrier.

If you refuse delivery of your order for any reason other than shipping damage or incorrect merchandise received, you also agree to be responsible for actual shipping costs of the product to you and back to us.

1.5 Cancelations: We begin processing your order as soon as it is received. If your order has not yet shipped, you reserve the right to cancel your order and receive a complete refund. You may cancel your order by calling our Toll-Free telephone number Monday thru Friday, 10 AM to 3 PM PST. We cannot guarantee timely cancelation of your order if you email your request. You may not cancel your order after it has shipped.

1.6 Refused Deliveries: The carrier will make several attempts to deliver the merchandise to you. If you refuse to accept the shipment, either by specifically refusing it, or not arranging to pick it up from the carrier after they had made delivery attempts in a reasonable timeframe, the shipment will be returned to us. Upon receipt, we will refund you less shipping both ways, to you and back to us, for the order.

1.7 Shipping damage: While rare, shipping damage may occur. All of our products are sent fully insured regardless of what shipping method you choose. You must notify us via email, phone call, or fax of observed shipping damage within five (5) calendar days of item receipt. If you fail to do so, you may forfeit your rights to replacement parts or entire product, at the discretion of the seller.

If you accepted delivery of the damaged product (e.g. signed for it, regardless of whether you noted damage on the waybill or not), and if damage on your product is deemed minimal (e.g., scratched or cracked body panels, cracked windshield or lights), or if certain parts are missing from the package, we will send you replacement parts to restore your product to its original condition at zero cost to you. You agree to not hold us liable for replacing the entire unit, and agree to parts replacement as a Fair and Adequate compensation for the damage. If the damage involves structural damage to the product (e.g. bent or cracked metal frame), we will arrange for product pick-up and exchange for a new or refurbished product of same model at no cost to you. We may, however, at our discretion refer you to a local automotive repair facility to inspect and repair your unit instead of exchange. Until you receive a satisfactory remedy for your damage, do not discard of any shipping materials (eg. Box, crate, packing cushions). If you do not intend to keep the product, do not assemble, put gas in, or in any other way use the product. Failure to do so may void your right to claim at seller's discretion.

If you refused delivery on your product due to visible damage, we will re-send a a brand new product to you at zero cost to you upon return receipt of the damaged merchandise. You agree that the wait time to receive a replacement product may take around 30 days, allowing for transit back to the seller's facility, inspection, and re-shipment of the new product. You agree not to cancel your order with the seller, not to hold the seller responsible for expedited shipping, nor request any other form or reimbursement unless we are unable to deliver a replacement product to you within 30 calendar days of original damaged item receipt.

In cases of shipping damage, you agree to cooperate with us and/or the shipping carrier to reach a resolution. This may include, but is not limited to, having the damaged merchandise available for carrier pickup or inspection, filling out a claim form, and/or providing photos of damage. You agree that it may take up to 30 days complete your claim process, and that your claim may be denied if you do not have the merchandise available inspection by carrier. You agree not to hold the seller monetarily responsible in the case that the shipping carrier denies the damage claim regardless of ground for denial.


2.1 Manufacturer Warranty: Many of the products we carry have a manufacturer warranty of one (1) year from time of purchase. Detailed information and guidelines for this warranty are included with the product. It is your responsibility to contact the manufacturer should you choose to exercise the manufacturer warranty.

2.2 Seller Warranty: In addition to the Manufacturer Warranty, all of our products come with a Limited 30 Day Warranty from us. This warranty covers the entire product against any mechanical or structural defects that inhibit its usability with the exception of tires, inner tubes and batteries. In order to exercise our Warranty, you must contact us within 30 calendar days of item receipt.


3.1 Returns and refunds: Returns not associated shipping damage or defects (see warranty) are not allowed.

3.2 Exchanges: Exchanges not associated shipping damage or defects (see warranty) are not allowed.

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