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About mini pocket rockets

Mini pocket rockets

There is something that you cannot understand about mini pocket rockets until you ride one. So much power in such a small portable package is really an amazing thing to behold. Imagine sitting on something that weighs half as much as you do, twisting the handle, and flying away. It almost feels as if nothing is under you. The feeling of freedom is unbelievable. USA pocketbikes offers many different sizes, models, and types of mini pocket rockets.

Which model of mini pocket rocket is right for me?

We have a wide range available to choose from. It all depends on you and the kind of performance you are looking for. Our Daytona Cagllari is a stripped down, no frills two-stroke thrill ride, and gets about 35 mph stock. We also offer four stroke models such as the X18-R Nitro or the X19-R Fighter superbikes that will take you to over 75 mph with performance parts! That is a truly incredible speed for such a small, light machine. With much of the initial research and development coming to a close, the cost of mini pocket rockets has fallen considerably in recent years, bringing them within the reach of more casual riders of hobbyists. USA Pocketbikes purposely carries a wide range of mini pocket rockets so that those on any budget are able to enjoy the thrill of mini pocket rocket riding and racing.

Mini Pocket Rocket Safety.

Having mini pocket rockets as a hobby is always fun, but due to the nature of the activity, it can be dangerous. You should always wear full head and facial protection, as well as knee and elbow pads. USA Pocketbikes also recommends wearing long sleeve shirts and pants while riding a mini pocket rocket to offer some additional buffer between you and the road.

The mini pocket rocket hobby is only just beginning in the United States, but they are finally here, setting the stage for growth and popularity rates similar to those found in other parts of the world, particularly Japan, and many nations across Europe. Once you ride a mini pocket rocket, you will be a fan for life. We wish we could convey the absolute awesomeness of owning and operating these fun little machines, but it really is a do-it-yourself hobby.

How fast are mini pocket rockets? How can I make them faster?

Our mini pocket rockets have 2 and 4-stroke engines. They typically make around 30mph to 50 mph stock, respectively. Adding performance parts can increase the speed to over 50mph, and 75 mph for 4-strokes! USA Pocketbikes offers all the aftermarket and replacement parts you will ever need for you mini pocket rocket.

Are these mini pocket rockets legal to ride where I live?

Mini pocket rockets are legal to own and operate in all 50 states. In most cases riding on public roads is prohibited, and it is always very dangerous. You should only ride on private property, away from people or vehicles. You can check with any local go kart tracks, as these places sometimes have time set aside for mini pocket rocket races. Those that don't can often refer you to a place that does.