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What if the road can't hold you?

New to the United States, the Mini Dirtbike!

Mini dirtbikes are a new addition to the United States mini bike market. Called "mini-motards" in Europe, these offer a fun alternative to the flat road racing of traditional mini bikes. These mini dirtbikes have all the important features of full size dirtbikes to enable them to handle rougher terrain than their pavement bound cousins. USA Pocketbikes offers the highest quality mini dirtbike available today. Check out our Mini MX Dirtbike.

What makes these different than regular pocket bikes?

Mini dirtbikes have full rear mono shocked suspension attached to and independent swing arm. This keeps you cushioned from the hazards of untamed roadways. They have front and rear disc brakes, more than enough to stop you, even when heading down a steep incline. They also include functional body paneling to protect you from road debris. It looks just like body paneling found on full-size dirtbikes.

Where can I ride my mini dirtbike?

Mini dirt bikes offer all of the fun and styling you get with a larger bike, but are directed to those who wish to enjoy themselves for a lot less money. As these models are new to the United States, it is important that you do not abuse the freedom that they provide. Be sure to only ride on private property. Do not ride where there are other people or animals that are not aware of you and what you are doing. Also, never ride in close proximity to larger vehicles. Be careful when riding on a different type of terrain for the first time. Proceed slowly and make sure you have control of your bike. These bikes are small and handle much more tightly than full-size dirtbikes. Overcompensating for a bump or shift in the terrain can be very dangerous. Wear full head protection and long sleeve shirts and pants when riding.

The mini dirt bike hobby is only just beginning in the United States, but it finally is here, setting the stage for growth and popularity rates similar to those found in other parts of the world, particularly Japan, and many nations across Europe. Once you ride a mini dirt bike, you will be a fan for life. We wish we could convey the absolute awesomeness of owning and operating these fun little machines, but it really is a do-it-yourself hobby.

How fast do mini dirt bikes go? How can I make them faster?

Our mini dirt bikes have 2-stroke engines. They typically make around 30mph stock. Adding performance parts can increase the speed to over 50 mph.Upgrading your mini dirt bikes is a really fun hobby. The simplicity of the two stroke engine is a great way to become familiar with working on motor vehicles. USA Pocketbikes offers every performance part available for your mini dirt bike.

Are these mini pocket bikes legal to ride where I live?

Mini dirtbikes are legal to own and operate in all 50 states. In most cases riding on public roads is prohibited, and it is always very dangerous. You should only ride on private property. In California, section 21720 of California vehicle code states that this kind of bike cannot operate on public lands such as bike paths or highways because it is an "off highway" vehicle. Many states have similar laws.