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Getting Started with Pocket Bikes


Gas Powered Pocket Bikes

Gas powered pocket bikes originated as small mini motorcycles built privately by hobbyists around the world, and have since evolved to fill a specialized mini racing niche, as opposed to only being mini imitation motorcycles. Gas pocket bike racing originated in Japan in the early 1970's on small racing circuits originally designed for go-karts. The sport began with racers using one of a kind, low tech backyard models constructed from various used parts. By the 1980's the sport had found its way into many parts of Europe, with Italian manufacturers beginning to manufacture the first professionally engineered gas pocketbikes. By the 1990's the sport was spreading across the continent like wildfire, and many racing clubs were founded in almost as many countries.

Many of todays greatest Italian and Japanese full size motorcycle riders began to hone their skills at a young age due to the prevalence of pocketbike culture near their homes. The sport has been slow to reach America, and as a result, many americans think that pocket bikes and pocket bikes racing are a relatively new sport, but rest assured, the road has been well traveled. Most models currently available in the United States today are powered by two stroke engines, generally from 39cc-110cc in size. Originally only used on private property, or country back roads, organized pocket rocket racing clubs can now be found in many states.

Gas powered pocket bikes prove to be an enduring sport due to the pure thrill or riding these little pocket rockets. Although smaller in scale compared to a real motorcycle, that slightness of size and mass increases the feeling of speed exponentially. Incredible acceleration and handling are the cornerstones on which a pocket bike hobbyist's love is built. Theres also something to be said about owning your own machine, and the wide price range, coupled with the avalability of after market parts ensures that there is something for everyone, and hardly any serious racers end up with identical bikes. From racing friends, to The freedom of customization, and the excitement just before you start your bike for the first time with a new performance part, the hobby of gas powered pocket bikes is one of the most involved, and after time, your bike may just become an extension of you.

USA Pocketbikes offers a range of gas pocket bike models, from smaller 2 strokes such as the Daytona Cagllari, to the larger and faster four stroke models such as the X18-R Nitro or the X19-R Fighter. Whatever kind of bike you choose, you can't go wrong with gas!