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Pocket Bike Frequently Asked Questions

USA Pocket Bikes FAQ
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Top 3 Most Frequent
#1: What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards through our secure online checkout and over the phone during business hours. We can also accept orders via check and money order sent to USA Pocket Bikes - Billing Dept. PO Box 947, Azusa, CA 91702.
#2: How Much is Shipping? What about Sales Tax?
We ship most of our small bikes by FedEx Ground at a flat rate of $61.00. This fee is different for some models. You can add the bike to cart to calculate exact shipping fees before paying for your order. There is no sales tax on orders except those shipping to California.
#3: How fast do your pocket bikes go, and are they safe?
Pocket bikes are safe to ride and own when you use recommended safety equipment, perform regular maintenance, and follow common sense. They are much safer than full-size motorcycles while being faster and more exciting than bicycles. If you are concerned for a young rider being able to ride and maintain a gas pocket bike, we recommend either our Razor Pocket Rocket 200 or XP 707 Electric Pocket Bike.
How big is the box?
It depends on the size of the bike. Typical box dimensions are 3-4 feet long, 1-1/2 foot wide, and 2 to 2-1/2 feet high. The boxes typically weigh between 45 and 60 lbs and can be easily carried.
How long will it take for me to receive my order?
We process orders in 24-48 Hours, and shipping from our warehoue to your door takes 5-7 business days. Upon receiving payment we will email you a tracking number so you can see the status of your shipment at any time.
Can I come to the warehouse and pick up a bike in person?
Our warehouse is optimized for distribution so unfortunately we can not allow any will-call purchases at this time. We plan to open a retail location here in Southern California in the future.
How big are your bikes compared to a full-sized human?
Even the super bikes we offer are small enough to fit in the back seat of a mid-size sedan, but all of our bikes can support from 4 to 6 foot tall riders up to a maximum recommended weight of 250 lbs.
What is the difference between your $279 Cagllari Mini Bike and $2500 Origami B1 Pocket Rocket?
The Cagllari Mini Bike and Origami B1 Pocket Rocket are simply for different uses and riders. Other names for pocket bikes include Mini Bikes, Mini Motos, Pocket Rockets, but they all mean the same thing. Super Pocket Bikes (sometimes called Midbikes or Midi Motos) are larger and have four-stroke engines. Names aside, the price difference is because they are made by different manufacturers, with different parts, and for different purposes. The pricier pocket bikes we offer are intended for real amateur and semi-pro mini motorcycle racing and made by Blata in the EU. These pocket bikes have superior quality elements and design.
What is the difference between Gas and Electric pocket rockets?
The gas pocket bikes we carry are 2x - 4x times faster than the electric pocket rockets. The electric pocket rockets have sealed batteries powering either a 200 Watt or 700 Watt motor that charge over night, and are designed for fun recreational use. These are not the cheap electrics you see at big location retailers, and are very fast, quality pocket bikes. The electric models are ideal for very young and first-time riders, while our gas pocket bikes offer more punch and power for teen to adult riders who can responsibly handle gas and oil.

Gas models are also highly customizable. Many parts are available to overhaul the engines' power output and the bikes' look. They offer a perfect opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of an internal combusion engine, engine tuning, rebuilding, and other modifications.

Are these Pocket Bikes ready to Ride? Is Maintenance Required?
All of our Pocket Bikes ship 95% ready to ride. Adjust the handlebars and attach the foot pegs with the included tool kit and you are done. That being said, all of our gas powered pocket bikes are hobby vehicles that will require some basic maintenance over their operating life. If you do not feel comfortable with using gasoline and tightening a few screws then we highly recommend our easy to use Razor Pocket Rocket 200 and Razor PR 707 Electric Pocket Bike.
If something breaks on my bike, what does the warranty cover?
Don't worry. When you buy a pocket bike from us you are automatically covered with a full engine warranty for 30 days. This warranty covers every piece of the bike relating to the engine for full replacement and assistance. This is to ensure that you can always get your bike started and begin having fun. In order to claim your warranty parts, submit our warranty form and give us 3-5 days to process it. After processing, we will ship replacement parts directly to your door and are always avaiable to assist you with phone support to install them and get your bike back to top working condition as soon as possible.
What if my bike arrives damaged?
For your convenience, we will replace the damaged part at no additional cost and handle the UPS or FedEx insurance claims process for you. See our terms and conditions to read more details. USA Pocket Bikes takes special precautions during shipping and handling including double boxing and taking out full insurance to avoid damage as much as possible.
What is your return policy?
Our return policies vary depending on what product you purchased (big bike, small bike, or parts/accessories). Please see our terms and conditions for detailed return policies. In general, we only allow refunds on new, unused merchandise within 30 days of purchase, provided you pay for shipping both ways. This is because shipping on bikes is very expensive, and bikes that have had gasoline in their tanks are considered hazardous for shipping.
Racing & Riding
Are pocket bikes street legal? Where can I join a Mini Moto Racing League?

These are hobby bikes that are too small to be registered for street use, much like how you would not register a bicycle. Most customers have no problem riding them on private residential roads or in cul-de-sacs but for the best racing experience, we recommend finding a local pocket bike racing group.

Check the Events section of our blog for pocket bike racing or racing school events near you.

There are organizations across the country you can get on a racetrack and really have a lot of fun and get competitive about the sport. Check out these links (opens in a new window): Southern California Mini GP, Youth Road Racing, and Mini GPX's MiniGP & Pocketbike Racing Organizations.

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