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Owning and Riding 50cc Mini Quads

What is a Mini Quad?

Mini Bikes - 50cc Mini Quad

Think of a Mini Quad as a pocket bike with four wheels - not quite big enough to be an ATV, mini quads are perfect for tricks, training, and pure, exhilarating fun. An adult rider on a mini quad can experience riding dynamics by shifting his or her weight for some deep road carving. Unlike ATVS, most mini quads do not weigh over 90 lbs, giving them unprecedented power-to-weight ratios for a thrilling ride.

Body Panels: Frequently, one or more body panels will be shipped loose with your bike. It is important to attach them securely and correctly to the frame. Be sure not to over-tighten the bolts, as they may cause the body panels to crack.

Frame & Controls: It is very important to inspect and tighten all frame bolts (especially the handlebars) prior to 1st use, and regularily thereafter.

Choosing between a Mini Quad and an ATV

A mini quad offers the same scaled down action of ATV's that pocket bikes offer for full size motorcycles. There are all sorts of things that can be done on a mini quad that can't be done on a full size ATV. Those with mini quad experience are able to pull off many amazing tricks. Its smaller size responds dynamically to weight distribution. In this way, adult and younger riders can shift their weight on the mini quad for all sorts of different handling styles. Their two stroke engines require very little maintenance.

ATV's come in a variety of models, with different engine sizes and types. They are heavier built in order to take on really rough outdoor riding. ATV's are for serious, rough off road riding, and are not as suited for tricks and super quick acceleration that mini quads are known for. They are not as easy to perform tricks on, and have larger engines more suitable for longer distances and rough terrain.


Two cycle rocket engines do not need certain kinds of maintenance you may be used to, such as draining liquids or changing oil. The engine receives its lubrication from the two-cycle oil you pre-mix into the gasoline before filling up the gas tank. You only add a small amount of oil to the gas, and this oil is burned during the normal combustion cycle (every other stroke, hence the name, 2-stroke), lubricating the inner parts of the engine. The burned oil, over time, can accumulate around the engine exhaust.

While the benefit of the two cycle motor is that it is very simple (and super powerul for its weight), it is also prone to attracting and generating more dirt and grime. This means that unlike a four-stroke ATV, you will need to pay more attention to the little motor. A bottle of Carb and Choke cleaner is a must: you will want to clean around the engine, exhaust, and carburetor. Be sure to inspect and wash out your air filter regulary.

A note on oil quality: remember, using correct 2-cycle oil, in the correct ratio, is critical to maintain a long life on your mini quad engine. Please see our break in procedure or the Quick Start Guide for the proper mixture and break-in technique.